Easy Card Tricks for Kids

Children love the mystery of magic. With these easy card tricks, they can become like their favourite wizard or magician and create their very own magic! Once your little one has mastered these card tricks for kids, watch how their face lights up as they amaze their audience. Magic Tricks for Kids Magic doesn’t have to be difficult – once they know the secret behind one illusion, your little ones are bound to be able to master other simple magic tricks in no time. Below, they can learn how to do two easy card tricks to wow their friends and family – they’ll have so much fun putting on their own show! You can find other simple magic tricks for kids that they can add to their showcase  easy card tricks .   How to Do the Colour Card Trick Sorting the cards by colour is the secret behind this trick. Separate the cards into black and red. Remember which colour you put on top. Do this before you start your performance, so that the audience doesn’t see. Fan out the top few c